Our goal is to compete for an America East Conference Championship on a consistent basis. For us to do that we need to have quality student-athletes in our program. We want young men who are going to challenge themselves to be the best in the classroom and on the court. We want student-athletes of high character in our program who are going to represent the university and basketball program in a positive manner.

We are going to defend and rebound at a high level. Coaches say defense wins championships! I agree to a certain extent! You must be able to score! We are going to do a tremendous job on the defensive end of the floor.


1. We are going to compete at a high level every day
2. We are going to challenge each other every day
3. We want to be the best practice team in the America East Conference
4. What are we doing on a daily basis to separate ourselves from our opponents?
5. We will work every day on forming good habits
6. Are we getting better each day?
7. Be focused for the entire length of workouts, practice, and games
8. Have fun on the court, basketball is a game!
9. You are what you practice!
10. Mental toughness will take us a long way!


1. Share the basketball
2. Push the basketball, score off the primary and secondary breaks as often as possible
3. Make more FT's than our opponents attempt
4. Four guys pound the offensive glass
5. We run offensive sets that will put our best players in positions to score
6. Set a lot of staggered screens, screen the screener action
7. Give players freedom to make plays
8. 50% fg, 40% 3's, 80% FT's as a team


1. Man to man team
2. Pressure the basketball, 4 guy's ready to help
3. Challenge every shot
4. 5 guys rebound the ball
5. Mix in tempo pressure and aggressive pressure
6. #1 in America East in FG% defense and rebound margin
7. Hold teams below 40% FG


1. We need to consistently work on improving our games
2. Each player needs to become as skilled as possible
3. If we improve individually, we will become a more dangerous team
4. You are what you practice!
5. The more versatile you are as a player, the better chance you'll play!


1. We need to work on becoming bigger, stronger, quicker, and faster on a daily basis
2. We have to be prepared to grind games out
3. The more physical we are, the tougher it will be for our opponents
4. We will be able to wear teams down!
5. Your game will improve as you get stronger!
6. We lift year round! Three days per week in season and four days per week out of season.

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