At Albany we try to recruit the total package! We want a quality individual, a good student, and obviously a talented basketball player! We want student-athletes that are "WINNERS" on and off the floor!

Recruiting Philosophy

1. We want student-athletes of high character, not a bunch of characters!

2. We recruit young men who are looking to be challenged on a daily basis!

3. We recruit student-athletes that are self motivated in all areas of life!

4. It is important to have young men in our program that are unselfish and willing to sacrifice for the benefit of the team!

5. We don't always look for the best player but rather the perfect fit!

6. We really like guys that understand how to play the game! Many talented players do not understand the game and how it is suppose to be played.

7. We don't get caught up in positions! I get caught up on whether or not a kid can play!

8. We want a young man that wants a degree!

9. We want guys that can score the ball! A guy that cannot score does not have to be guarded which gives the defense an advantage.

10. We like tough kids!

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